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Lisa Popeil Los Angeles, CA

“I knew I had made the right decision when I chose Tracy and Bubba Eggleston to sell my property in Aspen. I just didn’t know how right I was! Tracy and Bubba delivered a miracle! Because of their personal commitment, professionalism, business acumen and their perfect assessment of the Aspen real estate market, I received two full price offers in August of 2008; at a time when the Aspen market was almost at a standstill! Tracy and Bubba did an analysis of the current comparables on the market (my competitors) and we settled on a price per square foot that was fair and at the high end of the market and we got it!”

“I found that some of the most important benefits in hiring this real estate team were: 1) They work together as a team. I think this is important because potential buyers and/or their realtors sometimes have a preference of working with a certain gender. Being represented by both genders can really make the difference. 2) The company they work with, Morris & Frywald, is one of the premier real estate companies in the Roaring Fork Valley, with a huge network of clients and agents who actually support each other. My buyer was a client of Craig Morris. 3) The company’s website is also a huge benefit. One of my potential buyers actually saw my property showcased on the website, then called their broker and then placed a full price offer. 4) They both took personal interest in my property, taking great effort to arrive before showings to turn on the lights, music and light the candles. Their personal presence at each showing insured that the portential buyers an their agents were well informed of all of the wonderful aspects of my property. They really know how to sell. When something needed to be fixed, they took care of it. 5) They handled everything for me and made sure I was well informed throughout the closing process. This was really important to me.”

“If you want the best to represent your property and also work with some really great people, I highly recommend Tracy and Bubba Eggleston. They truly are the real estate team extraordinaire!”